Translation and localization for educational projects

The localization management platform supports educational initiatives

Are you a student, a teacher or part of the academic life in another way?

Are you looking for a translation and localization management platform for an educational project?

Then keep on reading. You will find out what special offers we have at POEditor for you.

Localization management for students using GitHub

As part of GitHub’s Student Developer Pack, we offer students one free year of our Plus plan.

To claim your free subscription just click here. Once your student status is verified, the plan is enabled on your account automatically.

What are the perks? You’ll be able to:

  • use all POEditor features in your localization projects
  • manage up to 10 000 strings in your account
  • create as many localization projects as you like
  • localize them into as many languages as you want
  • add as many collaborators as you like to your projects

Localization management for teachers using GitHub

As part of GitHub’s Teacher Toolbox, we offer teachers a free, 6-month subscription to POEditor’s Plus plan. After this subscription expires, you get a lifelong 50% discount on any standard plan.

To redeem your free subscription, just click here. The plan is enabled automatically once your teacher status is verified.

The perks:

  • create unlimited localization projects
  • localize strings into as many target languages as you want
  • invite as many people to your localization projects as you need
  • access to all of POEditor’s features, including Translation Memory

Your only limit is the number of strings you can manage in your account at any given time during your first 6 months with us. And that’s 10 000 strings.

Localization management tools at half price for everyone else (within academia)

Academic initiatives in general are eligible for a 50% discount on all standard POEditor prices.

To qualify for an academic discount, you need to be part of academia and to register (for free) with us. Please use an address matching the school’s domain name, so we can easily verify your status.

After creating a POEditor account, drop us an email at Specify which address you used to register and mention that you want to apply for an academic discount. We’ll be in touch with you soon after.

Have a special case?

Feel that you qualify for a discount and your case isn’t listed above? Just drop us an email us at explaining your case and we’ll discuss it.