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How to change the name of a localized file

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Whenever you want to export the strings you've translated with the POEditor localization management platform, you can do this using one of the multiple export options.

You can choose to export the localized file in any of the formats the POEditor localization platform supports, and you can also change the name of the localization file.

In the UI, you can change the name as descrbied below:

  1. In the translation page of the language you want to download, click on Export in the side menu, and select the format in which you want to export the localized file.
  2. Click on Use advanced options. Here, you can filter what strings you want to export in the file, and also change the Filename.

Export filters (Language page) - POEditor translation platform

When you change on export the format of the localization file you initially imported, the last format you chose to export in becomes the default option. This also applies when you change the name of the localization file - the last filename that you chose for export will remain default.

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