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DeepL machine translation, now available with POEditor’s Automatic Translation feature

Due to popular demand, our translation management platform now supports machine translation with DeepL. Just as with the other supported machine translation engines, you can use DeepL in your website, game or app localization project via the Automatic Translation feature.

Why translate strings with DeepL

Although DeepL may not support all the language pairs supported by the machine translation engines from Google or Microsoft, fans of it report translation output to be superior compared to their competitors’ for some of the language pairs.

If you’re not sure which machine translation provider is for you, you can test them all in your POEditor account.

How to use machine translation with POEditor

First, make a basic setup for you translation project on POEditor. Make sure to add your source and target languages to it. If you need any help with this, you can find a setup tutorial for each supported localization format in our Knowledge Base.

After importing the source strings and your desired target languages, click on any of the target languages and then on Automatic Translation at the top of the translation page.

Automatic Translation - POEditor localization management platform

Choose your provider and language pair, and make sure to check that you have selected the correct strings to translate from using the preview on the right. Then hit Translate to make the magic happen.

After machine translating one language, you can use the same setup to translate more languages from your localization project.

Machine translate multiple languages - POEditor

Note that POEditor’s Automatic Translation features fills in all the empty translation boxes in your chosen target languages. It does not overwrite any translations that already exist in your project.

We hope you knock yourself out with this newly integrated machine translation provider. If you have any questions or feedback, let us know at or in the comments.

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