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POEditor OpenAPI specification

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The OpenAPI specification for POEditor describes the POEditor REST API as follows:

  • Available endpoints and operations on each endpoint
  • Operation parameters; input and output for each operation
  • Authentication methods

It can be accessed online on SwaggerHub here or downloaded in YAML format from here.

With the OpenAPI specification, you can generate server stubs and client SDKs for your particular needs, making your build process easier. This can be done on SwaggerHub with the click of a button, using the Export functionality.

Export client SDK or server stub (SwaggerHub) - POEditor localization platform

Client SDKs can be created for the following:

  • C sharp
  • Go
  • Java
  • jaxrs-cxf-client
  • kotlin-client
  • Php
  • Python
  • Scala
  • Swift3
  • Swift4
  • Swift5
  • typescript-angular
  • typescript-fetch

And server stubs for:

  • aspnetcore
  • go-server
  • inflector
  • jaxrs-cxf
  • jaxrs-jersey
  • jaxrs-resteasy
  • jaxrs-resteasy-eap
  • nodejs-server
  • python-flask
  • scala-akka-http-server
  • spring
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