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Localization project backups


You can back up localization projects manually, downloading the languages to a ZIP file on your computer, or schedule automated backups on your preferred 3rd party storage service.

The Backups option is available starting with the Enterprise plan. You can only back up projects hosted on your personal account or on an organization where you have the owner or manager role.

Manual backups

To manually back up a localization project, go to your Account or Organization Settings > Backups.

Next to each project you own, you have a Download to ZIP option you can click on to export the project languages to your computer. Empty projects (with 0 strings) will not be exported.

Automated backups

To schedule backups for your localization projects, you first need to set up an integration with a third party storage service in Integrations.

Storage service integrations - POEditor localization platform

After successfully connecting to your preferred storage service, go to your Account or Organization Settings > Backups and enable Automated Backups.

Schedule backups (Account Settings) - POEditor localization platform

Choose the storage provider where you want to back up the projects, the frequency of the backups and the projects you want to back up, and save your changes.

The ZIP files will be sent to the designated folder or bucket, according to your preferences.

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