13 Language industry professionals to follow in 2024

language industry professionals

Language industry professionals – whether we’re talking about localization and globalization experts, language technology innovators, translators, or interpreters – play a pivotal role in connecting diverse cultures, facilitating seamless cross-border communication. We’ve dedicated this article to experts that have proven to contribute to the broader goal of fostering effective communication in a multilingual world.

Marina Gracen-Farrell

A Localization Consultant, Trainer, and Learning Manager, Marina Gracen-Farrell possesses hands-on experience supporting strategic globalization initiatives. Throughout her multi-creative and multiple-year career, she has functioned as a content creator, inspiring colleagues across various roles. Currently, she focuses on providing innovative learning opportunities for individuals and organizations.

She is the creator of the Localization Advocate Academy, where she curates workshops and courses. In addition, Marina has initiated the Loc Tools Study Group, a community within The Localization Advocate group that provides free networking. She hosts demos with Q&A sessions featuring industry localization tools and TMS providers. You can follow Marina on her LinkedIn profile, where she is very active, and browse her personal website for more information.

Viveta Gene

Viveta Gene is an accomplished and driven executive with over 20 years of experience in the translation and localization industry. With a comprehensive perspective on the Translation and Localization Workflow, she has previously held roles as a Language Solutions Specialist, Business Developer, Vendor Manager, Project Manager, and Linguist.

Her primary focus revolves around championing new trends in the industry, particularly where translation skills intersect with machine translation technology and Localization Engineering. Viveta’s expertise extends to machine translation engines, automated translation, and post-editing of machine-translated output, which are central themes in her ongoing PhD research. She discusses these topics, and more, on her LinkedIn profile.

Stefan Huyghe

Boasting over 20 years of experience and currently holding the position of Vice President of Localization at Communicaid Language Solutions, Stefan Huyghe is one of the language industry professionals with a demonstrated passion for knowledge-sharing. He serves as the host of LocDiscussion, a monthly online localization roundtable networking event addressing the latest trends in the industry.

With a significant following on LinkedIn, Stefan is acknowledged as a social selling expert. Through his articles and social media presence, he consistently delivers engaging and informative thought leadership on topics spanning language, localization, multilingualism, artificial intelligence, and more. Stefan’s contributions are frequently featured in MultiLingual Magazine and on Nimdzi Live. Adding to his accomplishments, Stefan is the author of the AI-in-Loc newsletter, which has over 4000 subscribers.

Konstantin Dranch

Konstantin Dranch embarked on his journey in the localization industry over a decade ago. His initial role in the marketing and strategy department of a translation technology company laid the foundation for his deep understanding of the industry landscape. Later, as the head of the research department at MIMS Insights, Konstantin played a pivotal role in mapping the localization industry.

Venturing into entrepreneurship, Konstantin founded his first freelance business, Custom.MT, addressing the translation and localization needs of global companies. The company’s mission is to tailor and implement various machine translation models for corporate environments. Konstantin is very active on LinkedIn, where he discusses topics he’s passionate about, such as machine translation, language technology research, and localization.

Miguel Sepúlveda

A seasoned professional in the localization/globalization/digital industry, Miguel Sepúlveda has a rich background managing software and game projects in more than 20 different languages. With decades of experience leading project teams and overseeing entire studios, Miguel is adept at working under pressure and excels in motivating and coordinating large global teams.

He is the proud owner of the blog Yolocalizo, where he shares weekly insights on localization topics and leadership articles. You can also find him on LinkedIn, where he voices his opinions on all things related to video game localization, localization strategies, globalization, artificial intelligence, and content writing, just to name a few.

Víctor Parra

Víctor Parra is a Senior Localization Engineer with a wealth of experience in the translation industry. Currently serving as an integral member of the Localization Engineering team at TransPerfect, the world’s largest provider of language services and technology solutions, Víctor is dedicated to leveraging technology to foster meaningful connections across diverse cultures and languages.

His overarching goal is to break down language barriers and facilitate global connections through the application of cutting-edge technology. Granted with a Top Tech Translation Voice, Víctor is indeed very vocal on his LinkedIn profile, where he shares resources, tips, and thoughts on subjects related to technology, localization, and translation.

Nataly Kelly

In her role as Chief Growth Officer at the global software firm Rebrandly, Nataly brings extensive expertise garnered from her multifaceted career. Prior to her current position, she held key roles at HubSpot, contributing to international operations, marketing, and localization. Nataly’s extensive experience extends to international strategy consulting for Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike.

Beyond her professional achievements, Nataly actively contributes to various organizations, serving as a business advisor to Lottie Dolls and a board member of MultiLingual. She also provides invaluable guidance through her blog, Borntobeglobal, dedicated to global business strategies. You can also follow her on LinkedIn to see what she’s up to next.

Renato Beninatto

Renato Beninatto is the Chairman and Co-Founder of Nimdzi Insights, a pioneering platform established alongside Tucker Johnson. Nimdzi serves as a vital resource, providing insights to investors, analysts, buyers, and suppliers of language services. An expert in the translation, localization, interpretation, and language services industry, is also the author of multiple books on global business.

In addition, he is the President of ELIA (European Language Industry Association) and an Ambassador for Translators without Borders. You can connect with Renato on LinkedIn to enjoy his engaging posts, updates, and valuable insights on subjects like global business, translation, localization, and beyond.

Tucker Johnson

As the founder of Nimdzi Insights and co-owner of MultiLingual Media, Tucker Johnson is the driving force behind translating visionary ideas into actionable initiatives. His role extends beyond the boardroom as he actively engages in various facets of the industry.

His podcast, Nimdzi LIVE!, is a testament to Tucker’s commitment to disseminating valuable information. Episodes, broadcasted live on LinkedIn, serve as a platform for industry discussions, while recordings are made accessible on major podcast platforms. Discover the forefront of industry insights and operational expertise by following Tucker on LinkedIn.

Marco Trombetti

A computer scientist and entrepreneur, Marco Trombetti is the founder of Translated, a trailblazing internet-based translation service that has evolved into one of the most innovative in the industry. Additionally, he is engaged in research focused on machine learning models, with a particular emphasis on integrating machine translation into human translation workflows.

In a demonstration of his commitment to fostering innovation, Marco initiated Pi Campus, a seed-stage fund dedicated to supporting and nurturing young entrepreneurs. Through this venture, he provides essential resources and mentorship to empower the next generation of innovators. You can read his thoughts on the use of artificial intelligence in the language industry (and other related topics) on his LinkedIn profile.

Andrej Zito

As the founder of Localization Academy, Andrej Zito is a rather new but enthusiastic voice in the localization industry. With a passion for making localization enjoyable and accessible, Andrej takes on the role of the host in The Localization Podcast, where he engages with localization experts in a casual yet practical manner.

Andrej extends his educational outreach through his YouTube channel, where he shares insightful tutorials on a range of topics. From localization basics to career tips, he dives into practical aspects like localization and project management tools, and shares the latest trends and technologies in the industry. Check out his LinkedIn profile for more info.

Wojciech Wołoszyk

Wojciech Wołoszyk is a lawyer-linguist and legal translator, boasting over two decades of extensive experience in delivering high-end legal translations. He is the Chairman of POLOT, the Polish Association of LSPs, and CEO at IURIDICO, a leading entity in the Polish market specializing in highly specialized legal, financial, and EU translations.

Wojciech’s influence extends globally, as he serves as an external lawyer-linguist for esteemed institutions such as the Court of Justice of the EU, the European Central Bank, the OECD, and the International Criminal Court in the Hague. Follow him on LinkedIn for articles and posts on linguistics and legal translation.

Tim Renders

Formerly an advertising executive, Tim Renders made a pivotal decision in 2011 by leaving his job. Armed with a master’s degree in translation, he transitioned into the role of a freelance translator. Recognizing the challenges of managing the demands of translation work on his own, Tim began working with project managers, translators, and copywriters, leading to the creation of Entre les lignes agency.

As the Founder & CEO of a translation & copywriting agency, Tim takes to LinkedIn to delve into the intricacies of his agency’s operations and share insights from his experiences as both an advertiser and a language industry professional.