How to set a payer for your POEditor account

Most of the time, the roles in a software localization workflow are very specialized, divided according to specific activities and tasks. Our experience with the localization industry has revealed that it’s not rare for companies to contact an agency to manage their software localization process. So they outsource it, but does the same apply for the payment for the localization services? Sometimes, even if a company does use an in-house localization team, the payment for the localization tools used in the translation process will still be managed by an Accounting Department. As you can see, the person with strings may not also be the one with the money.

So, to make sure the translation workflow suffers no disruption, we’ve come up with a payment management system that makes life easy for the person in charge of the financial aspect of the localization process.

How the Alternative Payer System Works

Our payment system was built with a simple premise in mind: the owner of a project managed with the localization platform POEditor may not be the same with the person handling the credit card that should be charged for that project. This is why a POEditor account owner can assign someone else to pay for his/her subscription. That person will have to be a POEditor user, and to explicitly accept this role. The alternative payer’s Billing section will have to be filled with the right billing details, and all the payments that will be made using them will have corresponding invoices sent to the alternative payer’s account.

How to Invite an Alternative Payer

To add an alternative payer to your POEditor account, just go to your Billing section and click on the link above My Billing Info that says “Invite Alternative Payer”.


An email will be sent to the specified email address to notify about the invitation. To accept it, the person will have to go to the Billing section in his/her POEditor account and confirm the role from there. A POEditor user can (simultaneously) become an alternative payer for as many POEditor accounts as desired,  and has the freedom to quit the alternative payer role at any time.

Localization managers, account managers, translation leads and so forth, rest assured! We never stop thinking about you and we’ve got your back on this. If you have suggestions about how we could make the translation interface more flexible for your specific needs, don’t be shy to send us your thoughts by using the contact form or by commenting below.