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Documentation on how to translate software with POEditor

To improve contributors' translation experience and to make sure that, at the end of the day, the translation quality is top-notch, POEditor offers users visual guidance during the localization process. Below we list the technical stuff you should not worry about when using our localization platform.


Websites and apps often include placeholders in text strings, that have the role of taking up space until a proper value or variable can be assigned (eg. a username). Since they should be preserved as they are in the original string/term, POEditor shows a notification under the translation if any part of these placeholders is missing.

Placeholder notification (Language page) - POEditor Localization Platform

String length

Because strings that are too long can mess up your software's interface, POEditor colors the translation text red first, if the translation goes beyond the original length of the string, and shows a pop-up notification when twice the original size of the term was exceeded.

String Length Notification (Language Page) - POEditor Localization Tool


If the number of newlines at the beginning or at the end of the original string does not match the number of newlines in the translation, the contributor will be made aware with a notification under the translation.

Newlines Notification (Language Page) - POEditor localization tool


Wherever there are trailing or leading whitespaces in a string, a ␣ symbol will appear.

Whitespace (Language Page) - POEditor translation platform

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