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Documentation on how to translate software with POEditor

When using POEditor's translation interface, you can add strings to a software localization project from two places - the Project page and the Language page.

Importing strings in the Project page

This can be done by project owners and administrators only. Press the Import Terms button in the Options Menu on the right to upload strings from any of the supported localization files.

Import terms (Project Page) - POEditor translation platform

On the Import page, there are a number of Options and Advanced Options:

  • Import terms only: uploads to the project only the terms in the file
  • Also import translations in...: uploads the translations in the file (if there are any) to the selected language in the project
  • Overwrite old translations: updates the translations in the project with those in the file
  • Mark the corresponding translations from the other languages as fuzzy for the updated values: useful only when updating strings in labels-based projects
  • Tags: lets you filter during translation or on export the marked group of terms

Import Terms Page - POEditor Localization Platform

After hitting Import File, you'll be able to delete obsolete terms (terms which are no longer in the file, but are still in the project).

Importing translations in Language pages

Whatever your role in the software localization project, you can import translations in the Language page of the languages you have access to. To do this, use the Import Translations from File button in the Options Menu of the desired Language page.

Import Translations form File (Language page) - POEditor Localization Platform

When importing translations in a Language page, you can choose to overwrite old translations and/or to mark corresponding translations from the other languages as fuzzy for the updated values. These two options are identical to those described above for the Import in the Project page.

Exporting translations in Language pages

To download the localized strings, use the Export functionality in the Language page (first button in the Options Menu). You can choose to export in any of the supported formats and, in Advanced options, you can select to download just a particular group of strings and change the filename.

Export localized file (Project Page) - POEditor Localization Platform

Note: If you want to automate the import/export steps of the localization process, consider using the POEditor API or one of the integrations with code hosting platforms.