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Documentation on how to translate software with POEditor

To connect your HipChat account with your POEditor account, follow the steps below.

Go to the Account Settings > Integrations page in your POEditor account, click on HipChat, then click on Connect.

HipChat Integration Page - POEditor localization tool

On HipChat's integration page for POEditor, pick a room where you want to receive the notifications regarding your software localization projects. Then, click on Approve to intstall the integration, and press Connect to give access to the POEditor localization app.

Connect HipChat - POEditor localization tool Optionally, you can send a test to see if the HipChat integration works.

Supported events

At the moment, the HipChat integration sends a notification when:

  • a project is created
  • a project is deleted
  • a language is added/completed/deleted/proofread
  • strings were imported
  • a contributor was added/removed/joined the project
  • a comment was added
  • AT characters were used
  • a translation order was completed
  • translations were flushed
  • translations were updated via API
  • a term was manually added in the UI
  • terms were added via API
  • terms were synced via API
  • the string limit was reached

By default, all these notifications are on, but you can switch them off from the HipChat integrations page.

HipChat Integration - POEditor Localization Tool

Note: The integrations page is only accessible to project owners, because all integrations are done on an account level.